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We provide various services to counties.

One of the areas of service available is education through both classes and training.

In general:

  • “Classes” refers to individual courses offered either
    • Live in a physical setting such as a conference room or computer lab
    • Live via the web
    • On demand usually via an interactive website
  • “Training” refers to training services usually provided on an ongoing basis or for a specific period of time
    • Training may be provided in a general or open manner
    • Training may be a program for a particular state or group of counties
    • Trainiing may be performed for a specific county


Types of areas that a class or training may cover include:

    • Software utilization,
    • Assessment practices,
    • Annual valuations,
    • Mass appraisal
    • Analysis

Types of settings for a class or training may include:

    • Classroom setting
    • Conference setting
    • Web conferences and teleconferences
    • Individualized on-site
    • Individualized interactive web meetings


Mailing Address: 6915 Munn Lake Dr SE Olympia, WA 98501
Phone: 888-661-3148

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